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Books about toilet training

Time to think about potty training? Try these books.

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Feature Article: Adventures In Motherhood: The Potty Training Experience
By Holly Bliss

   Imagine it, No stinky diapers lounging in the trash. No wiggling child desperate to escape, whether cleaned or not. No weekly expense at the check out for diapers, wipes, ointments, etc. But then, reality sets in. How does one get to this pot of gold at the end of the potty training rainbow? The answer is as different as each child.

   First, you must make sure your child is even ready for this step. Regardless of what Great Grandma Grace says about training Uncle Archie at twelve months, almost every child-rearing book I have ever read says: don't even try until twenty-two months, as their bladders aren't mature enough to accomplish this difficult task.

   Then, there are some little signs that tell you that you are getting close. For example: staying dry for a couple of hours and/or waking from a nap dry, they want to start wearing underwear, they can understand 2-3 step directions, they have the verbal skills to tell you when they need to go, and the physical skill of pulling their pants up and down. Also, they'll watch you or sisters/brothers and try to copy what you/they do in the bathroom are some of the main ones. Trying a dry run can help determine readiness also. I did this several times with my youngest and was about to give up until this latest time when she surprised me. She is now waking up dry and only having an occasional accident. If they are ready, it really isn't a terribly difficult experience at all. This always depends on personality, of course – there’s always a really stubborn one in the bunch.

   Next, I did a big build up to the whole process, like it was going to be a big trip to Disney or something. Hey don't laugh, it worked on two of my kids! I'd start saying things like "Pretty soon you'll be going to the potty like mommy/daddy. Pretty soon you'll wear underwear all the time like (stick the name of your child's favorite person here)" and "pretty soon we will go to the store and you can pick out some underwear of your very own!"

   Everybody is excited, right? Now you need a little incentive to go because, be honest, it is much easier to go in a diaper then it is to remember to go in the potty, even though they want to be like a big kid. You can use anything from cheerios for little boys for target practice, to a sticker chart to colored water in the toilet bowl. You may have to use all these ideas and more, because all kids are different and respond to different things.

   Get excited when they achieve their goal and get the rest of your family involved as cheerleaders. I'd call my mom so she could give her a "great job" cheer. My son and other daughters gave her high fives and as soon as my husband came home she gave him a tally of how many times she succeeded that day.

   Give a gentle reminder every hour or two and don't get angry at accidents. Just tell them to try again next time. Occasional accidents are normal until around age 5, so relax! Above all, remember love and consistency goes a long way in this endeavor.

   In the end it is a process of practice makes perfect and patience. A bottle or two of fabric refresher doesn't hurt either!


  Using her writing as paint on the canvas of her life, Holly Bliss is an eclectic writer and mother of four children and is an author on http://www.Writing.Com/ which is a site for Creative Writers.

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Toilet Training in Less Than a Day
by Nathan H. Azrin, Richard M. Foxx

Only 2 Hours!!
Reviewer: A reader from Racine, WI

  My daughter is 2 1/2 (31 months), and had no interest in the potty chair that we had out for the past several months. I learned about this book on our local news and heard from friends that it was presented on the Dr. Phil show. I picked a day to take off of work and do the training. My daughter really enjoyed teaching her dolly to use the potty. It was only two hours later that she used the potty by herself and she has never looked back. She is so proud of her accomplishment. The first night, I put a Pullup on her - she was crushed. I don't recommend ever using diapers or Pullups again after training. The only accidents she had occurred the first two days during nap time. There have been no accidents at night, and no accidents since those first two days. I was concerned about her going back to daycare. Would she remember everything she learned? She has been doing great. There have been no accidents at daycare yet. I think using all of the techniques together did it. The book and the doll that wets were well worth the investment.

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The Potty Book - For Boys
by Alyssa Satin Capucilli, Dorothy Stott (Illustrator)

The potty book for Mitchell
Reviewer: Catherine B. from Melbourne, Victoria, AU

  I found this book after in the first book store that I looked in for 'toilet training' books. I wanted a book for my son to read, not one on actual techniques for the parents. My son has now successfully been toilet trained. The 'number 2s' was the hardest part, with my son moving around or sleeping so that he wouldn't feel the need. So I encouraged him to use the potty and he places a star sticker in the front on his 'potty book' every time he does 'number 2s' successfully. Now there is no issue when he comes to doing 'number 2s'

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The Potty Book - For Girls
by Alyssa Satin Capucilli, Dorothy Stott (Illustrator)

Corny but effective
Reviewer: Lara Grossman from Salinas, CA

  I bought this book after returning home from a business trip to learn that my 2 1/2 year old daughter had regressed in her potty training desire! So far, the book is very effective. We read it once a day and she listens actively. We talk about the little protagonist, Hannah, and what she's doing as she learns about the potty. I'm so glad that there are books out there for little kids, because the understanding that my daughter is gaining by reading this book seems to be working. It seems that presenting potty training in an intellectual (as opposed to simply behavioral) manner is helping with our toddler.

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Everyone Poops
by Taro Gomi, Amanda Mayer Stinchecum (Translator)

My Scoop on this Poop(book).......!
Reviewer: georgiapeach45 from Monroe, GA United States

   I ordered this book for my 4yr old grandson, as I'd always intended to do. After my first introduction to it when my older grandson was about 3 yrs of age, I just loved it, and so did he!

   While this subject is sort've treated as "hush-hush", especially when we get older, I think this book helps us all relax about something that is very natural and necessary. It helps us to be able to laugh about it, and sometimes I think we as adults sometimes give children the impression that its unnatural. When my now 4yr old grandson received it, he and his girl cousins of varying ages under 11 all read it together several times, laughing most of the time. Thank goodness some people or at least this author was open-minded enough to write a book like this so that "kids of all ages" could enjoy it, and maybe feel a little less self-conscious about a very natural part of living.



Mommy! I Have to Go Potty!: A Parent's Guide to Toilet Training
by Jan Faull

Reviewer: A reader from Coplay, PA

  My daughter was already 32 months old and would NOT even consider sitting on her new potty. My daughter had reached many milestones very early so I was embarrassed and frustrated that she had not even begun the potty training process. I received lots of advice from friends and family but to no avail. I was anxious to start, especially since it was summer and there was minimal clothing involved. I decided some literature was needed as I really had no idea where to start and how to proceed. After reading several reviews on this book I decided to buy the book because it sounded like it gave practical advice. I read the book and decided to use the "Full-time" method. Within 4 days my daughter was trained! I couldn't believe it. She even wakes from naps and nighttime dry. That's not to say she doesn't have an accident once in awhile but the results were remarkable. It was nice to read stories about real people and real solutions. I would recommend this book to anyone. I am even looking forward to training my son but he's only 9 months so I'll have to wait for now.

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Potty Training for Dummies
by Diane Stafford, Jennifer Shoquist

A great resource!
Reviewer: A reader from GA

   This book is crammed with useful information. Unlike most books on the subject it isn't just promoting the one "right" system. It gives basic guidelines but also includes important sections on setbacks you might encounter and how to deal with them. If you're ready to ditch diapers but don't know where to start, this is the place!




My Big Boy Potty
by Joanna Cole, Maxie Chambliss

A Lifesaver!
Reviewer: Stephanie F. from Melbourne, FL United States

  This book is a must when potty training. My son is now officially trained, but during the course of it all, this book was worth it's weight in gold. My son really identified with the little boy Michael, and I think it really influenced him to be "A Big Boy". The book is very warm, fuzzy and is written in a kind and forgiving nature, (the mommy and daddy are very patient and kind with Michael) which is so important during this time in a child's life. The illustrations are bright and cheerful and the book is a perfect size for little hands...I love it!!!


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