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Books about breastfeeding

101 Reasons To Breastfeed Your Child - promom.orgBooks about breast feeding your baby.

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Breastfeeding Made Simple: Seven Natural Laws for Nursing Mothers
by Nancy Mohrbacher, Kathleen Kendall-tackett

Breastfeeding Made Simple is an excellent choice!
Reviewer: Kathy Eng (Houston, TX)

   I highly recommend that new mothers read Breastfeeding Made Simple. It would also be helpful for breastfeeding educators, lactation consultants, childbirth educators, labor and delivery nurses, doctors, etc. because the authors explain how babies are "hardwired" in behavior and needs, as well as how to get breastfeeding off to a good start (or what to do when there are problems). Mothers with such knowledge will feel more confident and have less difficulties than if they ignore these behaviors. As an IBCLC who has observed thousands of babies, I learned alot from this book.

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Breastfeeding Naturally: A New Approach for Today's Mother
by Hannah Lothrop

At last, a holistic guide to breastfeeding!
Reviewer: A reader from Owatonna, MN USA

    There are many, many books out there on breastfeeding management but this is the first book I've seen that balances the technical with the emotional. I have been searching for a long time for a guide to natural therapies for breastfeeding mothers and I've finally found it! The Author includes information on breath awareness, massage, aromatherapy, homeopathy, Bach Flower remedies, and much more. With practical how to information and an ample resource appendix this is a book well worth owning - it sits on my shelf right next to my Womanly Art Of Breastfeeding!


The Breast Feeding Book: Everything You Need to Know About Nursing Your Child....
by William and Martha Sears

A must-have for breastfeeding moms!
Reviewer: Lynne

   I read this book cover to cover during my pregnancy, which helped me know what to expect when my first baby was born. After he was born, we had a difficult time getting the breastfeeding started, so I referred to it numerous times to read about engorgement, latching on, pumping, storing milk, and even weaning when the time came. I always buy this book for friends who are planning to breastfeed, since it was such an invaluable resource to me. The Sears' combine their medical experience with their personal experience to make you feel like they have been there and can offer some practical advice for many situations. I highly recommend this informative and comforting book.

Breastfeeding Answer Book, Third Edition


The Breastfeeding Answer Book
by Nancy Mohrbacher, Julie Stock, LA Leche League International, Edward Newton

An extremely thorough text which answers all the questions.
Reviewer: A reader from Reno, NV

  This book is designed to educate and easily provide specific facts and information to the health professional and lay person who is interested in breastfeeding and finding their way through the process. The Breastfeeding Answer Book really answers all the questions and directs you to the appropriate resources for back up and more information. This is a permanent fixture in my library. The pages are already dog eared.



The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers:
The Most Comprehensive Problem-Solution Guide to Breastfeeding from the Foremost Expert in North America
by Jack Newman, Teresa Pitman

Excellent resource for new parents and professionals alike
Reviewer: A reader from Seattle, WA

  I am a Certified Lactation Educator and breastfeeding mother. I really wish this book would have been available when I first started nursing almost 5 years ago. Dr. Newman states it like it is, and encourages responsibility in new parents to seek help when they need it. There are little known remedies that the other books don't talk about. Dr. Newman offers real world solutions, not repeating the same information that most other mainstream breastfeeding books do. He is a champion of the nursing relationship. Parents and professionals alike would be wise to buy this book. I tell all of my clients to at least check it out if they can't buy it.

  The other reviewer seems a little disgruntled because it looks like he went to one book for help instead of consulting an IBCLC or La Leche League Leader for his wife's breastfeeding issues. These trained people exist in most communities to help with issues like latch and side preferences. Dr. Newman also has a webpage and email if the reviewer needed some specialized help and support beyond what is offered in any book. Nothing can substitute for personal care in a face to face situation, no matter how great or informative the book is.

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Nursing Mother, Working Mother:
The Essential Guide for Breastfeeding and Staying Close to Your Baby After You Return to Work
by Gale Pryor

Very helpful but didn't address a wide enough range.
Reviewer: joannawnyc from NYC

   I recommend this book to women I know who are going back to work and want to continue breastfeeding. It makes a seeming daunting experience seem a bit less impossible. When I read it, I wasn't sure if I could believe some of what Ms Pryor wrote (for instance, I was none too sure about the reassurance that if your baby didn't drink much expressed breast milk from a bottle during the day, he/she would make up for it by nursing more at night--yeah right, that was going to be just great if I were working all day. But, in fact, it has turned out absolutely fine and I love the time my son and I have together). I would sum up by saying that nursing and working is at times difficult, but it is well worth trying to pull it off. I only wish that the author had addressed a wider range of workplace experiences, because I think that if women who read this book recognized their own situations, they would be less likely to doubt what the author says. Because I assure you that all the advice she writes is absolutely do-able, accurate, true and IT WORKS!

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Eat Well, Lose Weight While Breastfeeding:
Complete Nutrition Book for Nursing Mothers, Including a Healthy Guide to Weight Loss Your Doctor Promise
by Eileen Behan

A practical nutritional guide
Reviewer: Lainie H. from San Diego, CA USA

  Cut to the chase, I lost 71 pounds after having my baby, 31 was baby weight and 39 was additional weight. Did this book do that? Not entirely of itself but it was a huge influence on me.

  I was disappointed when I first read it because I was expecting a diet. A real diet with strict limitations and tricks. This was very similar to the nutritional guide I received from the hospital. I had changed my eating habits during pregnancy to be more healthy. I did not consider it to be a life change.

  This book encourages you to eat, eat, eat, and I did. If you are breastfeeding you cannot diet!!! I can't emphasize that enough. You must meet your nutritional requirements to make good milk. I actually did not eat enough and suffered temporary hair loss, skin discoloration and fatigue when I strayed from the eating plans in the book. When I got back on track my hair grew back and I wasn't so tired anymore.

  Ok, basically, I was not deprived. This is not a deprivation diet. Your baby will get all necessary nutrients in the breast milk. If you want any for yourself you have to eat. You also have to get out and walk about 20 min 4 times a week as well. Moderate exercise and the eating plans in this book helped me to lose the weight.

 This is not a gimmick diet but a real nutritional guide to healthy eating. It is also extremely informative in all subjects relating to breastfeeding. I definitely recommend it.

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The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding
by Gwen Gotsch, Anwar Fazal, Plume, Judy Torgus

Loved this book!
Reviewer: Danielle Q. from Hayward, CA

   As a first-time expectant mother, I naturally have a zillion questions about everything concerning my unborn baby. Every question I had about breastfeeding was answered in this Bible of Breastfeeding. Not only does this book tell you why, how, and when to breastfeed, but it covers all aspects of breastfeeding (how to overcome difficulties, how to know when your child is getting enough milk, etc...). I must admit that I was VERY anti-La Leche League, but as a result of reading this fabulous book, I am now a LLL member and attend meetings regularly. There ARE some things in the book (and at the meetings) that I disagree with (I plan to schedule my baby and he won't sleep with me at night), but I feel totally at liberty to just take things that make sense to me and to disregard what doesn't. This book is easy to read and a MUST for all expectant mothers! Don't wait until after the baby comes, get it the moment you find out you're pregnant!



Defining your Own Success: Breastfeeding After Breast Reduction Surgery
by Diana West, Jack Newman

Invaluable if you plan to BFAR Reviewer: A reader from Lake Mary, FL

   I was so glad to find this book while pregnant with my son! It really answered all the questions I had about attempting breastfeeding after my breast reduction surgery. There is much good information about the various reduction techniques and likelihood of successful BFAR (breastfeeding after reduction) with each technique. The book includes personal stories with a variety of BFAR experiences as well as tips for increasing and, if necessarily, supplementing your milk supply. It really focuses on the aspects of breastfeeding that are unique to those who have undergone breast reduction surgery, and, in companion with a good book on breastfeeding basics, is all you need!

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The Benefits of Breastfeeding (1999)

Breastfeeding benefits ring out loud and clear,
Reviewer: An Customer from Raleigh, NC

  The Benefits of Breastfeeding video is a beautifully-made, fact-filled video that should be a must-see for every expectant mother (and father).

  As a breastfeeding educator, I found this video to be an excellent resource for the expectant women I counsel. The video features real-life women from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and ages accompanied by their adorable, healthy, breastfed babies. They discuss openly and from the heart the benefits they and their babies have received from breastfeeding, along with their reasons for choosing to breastfeed in the first place. Seeing those gorgeous, happy babies and the bond they have with their mothers is enough to make the case for breastfeeding by itself.

  In addition, Dr. Ruth Lawrence (who literally wrote the book on breastfeeding, and who is also a mother of nine breastfed children) makes an excellent professional spokesperson on the issue. She addresses up-to-date medical information about breastfeeding's benefits and why it is the best first food for infants (less allergies, less ear infections, higher IQs and the price is right, to name a few). It's refreshing to have a female doctor with firsthand experience discuss these important issues.

  While the video makes the case for choosing to breastfeed, it also directs new mothers to support groups for help in getting off to a good start.

  BOB does a thorough job of helping new parents choose to give their babies the best start in life they can. It would be an excellent addition to every OB/GYN office, pre-natal clinic, birth center and childbirth educators' class and should be required viewing for parents-to-be.

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