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Books about educating your infant
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How to Make Your Child a Reader for Life
by Paul Kropp

Readable and reassuring
Reviewer: Karen R. from Charleston, SC United States

    Kropp has real-life advice for parents who believe, as he does, that reading is one of life's great joys. He emphasizes the importance of building a literate household--where fiction, nonfiction, magazines, and newspapers abound--and everyone reads. While you can't pick up a mainstream parenting magazine without seeing an article on the importance of reading to your baby, Kropp deals with keeping your child out of reading slumps throughout school and with or without the support of an 'A' school and teacher to lead the way.

  It's a quick read (ironically) and a great resource for parents.



How to Teach Your Baby to Read
by Glenn Doman, Janet Doman

5 out of 5 starsWonderful book! A must read!
Reviewer: Samantha from USA

  I just finished reading this book. Though I have not tried the method yet, I can tell you that my mother read this book 26 years ago, used the method and I was reading by the age of 2. So I am now in the process of using this method with my own son. It is a well written book which clearly explains an easy method that in my family at least, is tried and true :) A must read! 


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How to Teach Your Baby Math
by Glenn Doman, Janet Doman

The babies are eager to learn!
Reviewer: Maxim Masiutin from Chisinau Moldova

  Initially I was skeptical about teaching my 18-month daughter math. But after reading the book, I found out that that Glenn Doman and Janet Doman have discovered the completely different method of teaching a baby math, not the same that is using in junior schools. Their method suits for a baby from zero moths old, i.e. from birth. The are three lessons a day, each lesson last fifteen seconds and give such a joy to the baby that she woke me up in the mornings asking me to teach her math. When she hears my steps when I return from my job, she runs to me to teach her math. The babies CAN and WANT to learn!

  The babies are eager to learn, they want desperately to learn everything they can, as quickly as possible, but the adults are often fail to provide for the babies the adequate opportunity of learning.

  Glenn Doman and Janet Doman offer funny and inexpensive way of teaching the baby math, by means of special inventory: cards with red points indicating a real quantity.

  A few words from my own experience on producing the inventory: don't even imagine of cutting the cards or the points by yourself. Order the empty cards of the specified size in a nearby company, which prints business cards. Order five thousand 0.75-inch sticky red circles on a roll of ORACAL in a nearby company, which decorates the shop windows. The authors do not emphasize on ORACAL, but the process of putting the circles to the cards should be as easy as possible.

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Raising a Reader: A Mother's Tale of Desperation and Delight
by Jennie Nash

A Deep Breath & Big Hug for Parents of Beginning Readers
Reviewer: A reader from Los Angeles, CA United States

   First it's talking, then walking, then potty training. Being a parent is all to often about comparing our kids and their accomplishments to other kids and theirs. When you're little ones start school things heat up even more as you compare their academic achievements and wonderdramatically if they are smart and if you can make them smarter.

  It's a vicious cycle -- and it can take all the fun out of learning to read, which arguably is one of life's greatest pleasures and rightfully should be a time of fun and exploration with your young child. Jennie Nash knows this. She is admittedly obsessed but candidly shares with us her journey from niggling, nagging, read-to-me Mom to locing, laughing, let's-snuggle-and-read-together Mom. It's a trip we all should take and she shows us how. She also offers lists, tips and tricks to reduce the stress and increase the peace during reading time, homework time and family time. This is a MUST read for anyone with kids under 10!



Nose Is Not Toes
by Glenn Doman, Janet Doman

5 out of 5 starsLong, long Ago, A Success Story
Reviewer: Kay Brubaker from Carlsbad, NM

   I purchased the reading program by Glen Dolman 40 years ago. My daughter was 2 months old at the time. We began using the items supplied as soon as they were received. My baby Kristi began talking well before she was a year old and in multiple word sentences. She is now a multi-language speaking adult and translates texts in both Italian and Spanish. I believe the reading training at such an early age directly resulted in her facility for languages and the ease she experienced in learning new languages. I recommend this book and training program to any new parent without reservation. It is an investment in your childs future.

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Educating Your Star Child:
How to Parent Smarter Children

by Ed Mayhew, Mary Mayhew

Nurture superior development in your children's intelligence
An Customer

 EDUCATING YOUR STAR CHILD is packed with important and practical information that will benefit any parent interested in the health, happiness and full development of their children. It draws upon an international gallery of visionaries who share a common perception of the unlimited capacity for new human beings to love and to learn.


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You Can Teach Someone to Read: A How-To Book for Friends, Parents, and Teachers: Step-By-Step Detailed Directions to Provide Anyone the Necessary Tools to Easily Teach Someone to read
by Lorraine Peoples

Reading Basics Made Easy!
Reviewer: A reader from Phoenix, Arizona

   I am a reading tutor working with teenagers. Most of my pupils have gaps in their reading and phonics skills which have made their educational progress very difficult. This book has helped me target the areas where extra work is needed as well as giving me a good basic set of phonics rules to use in reviewing


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