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Books to help your child overcome nocturnal urination. (Bed wetting)

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Getting to Dry:
How to Help Your Child Overcome Bedwetting

by Max Maizels, Diane Rosenbaum, Barbara Keating

An excellent book for the subject
Reviewer: A reader from Fort Worth, TX USA


   This is the book for anybody having children who wet their beds. It provides a good introduction to the different causes for bed-wetting and guidance on how to address them.
   In our family we followed the program with the alarm system, since our boy's bed-wetting was due to deep sleep. Using the positive reinforcement and guidelines outlined in the book, our son was dry in less than 2 months. I just wish I had seen this book sooner.

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No More Bedwetting:
How to Help Your Child Stay Dry

by Samuel J. Arnold


No More Bedwetting
Reviewer: A reader from Laurinburg, NC

   I found the book very informative. The medical information was in layman's terms. The book was easy to read. Very good in helping to understand all aspects associated with bedwetting behavior - physical, emotional, and sleep related. Was able to present helpful information to the doctor to get what my son needed.

   3 out of 5 starsNo More Bedwetting: How to Help Your Child Stay Dry
Reviewer: A reader from MARSEILLES, IL

   I found this book to be very informative on the various factors that can cause a child's bedwetting. I also strongly agree with the authors view on how important it is to support your child and obtain help for him or her early on. However, I was looking for more techniques on how to help my "deep sleeper" stay dry and very few were offered. This was a good book for parents to start with, those who are just beginning to research the problem.

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Dry All Night:
The Picture Book Technique That Stops Bedwetting
by Alison Mack, David Wilensky

Average Review:

 I can't say enough about this book! It really works!
Reviewer: jantink from Redford, MI USA

  My daughter is 5 and only reads a little. But I thought there was enough pictures, so I decided to go ahead with the book. We've dealt with wearing pull-ups, then with waking her when I went to bed, so I was VERY interested to see if this would work.

  It sure did! It only took 2 weeks for my daughter to be totally dry. I might suggest, too, that you remove milk as a drink at dinner and bedtime; after we started using the Dry All Night book, a friend told me that studies show that children who drink milk for dinner wet the bed more often. Once we removed milk as a dinner beverage, all accidents stopped and my daughter became dry. She was so thrilled! After a month with no accidents, she gleefully informed me that she didn't need to "read" her Dry All Night book anymore! I only read the book through once. After that it became my daughters job and she did it all by herself. She didn't do a chart and I only occasionally reminded her to look at her book and drink her water in the afternoon. Truly magic! If you are struggling with nighttime dryness for your child, order this book now!

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