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Reviews of the best books for Single Fathers

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The Single Father: A Dad's Guide to Parenting Without a Partner (New Father Series)
by Armin A. Brott

5 out of 5 starsDifficult subject, helpful book
Reviewer: Tom Duval from Westborough, MA

  As a single father (never married to my child's mother), I've looked at as many books as I could find to get assistance in being a good father under the circumstances. I've only bought two - Live-Away Dads by William Klatte, and this one.

   Mr Brott's book is informative, interesting, easy to read and easy to understand. Contrary to so many books on this subject, I didn't get any sense of anti-anything or anti-anyone posturing. Instead, I got the sense that Mr Brott values children and believes that they need fathers in their lives. His book is designed to encourage fathers to accept and embrace their relationships with their kids, despite limitations or changes in their circumstances. The thrust of the book is that the father-child relationship is important and necessary, and he suggests that fathers pursue and protect those relationships. To that end, he offers suggestions and advice about how to do so (from the big subjects, like meeting someone new, to the small, like setting aside space in your place for your kids, even if they don't live with you). I found it extremely helpful, if for no other reason than I felt less alone.

   He seemed to me to be saying that preserving your relationship with your kids doesn't have to be to the exclusion of anyone else, and doesn't have to be a destructive process, which it all too frequently is. Would that more people agreed.

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Solo Dad Survival Guide:
Raising Your Kids on Your Own

by Reginald F. Davis, Nicholas F. Borns

This book in on the mark.
Reviewer: John R. Sims, Jr. MA from Pittsburgh, PA

  This is one of the best books ever produced on single and custodial fathers. A must read for every father actively raising their children. This book addresses real issues by, real fathers who have walked the walk and can talk the talk. They know the problems and provide us with an insightful approach to the problems.

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The Ultimate Survival Guide for the Single Father
by Thomas Hoerner

5 out of 5 stars Raising that child without burning out
Reviewer: Midwest Book Review from Oregon, WI USA

 The Ultimate Survival Guide For The Single Father is a straightforward, no-nonsense guidebook for single dads of all backgrounds struggling to meet the challenge of raising a child. Individual chapters address a wide range of issues and concerns from coping with divorce and separation, to dealing with domestic chores, to cooking nutritious meals fast and easy, to taking care of one's health and financial matters, to balancing home responsibilities with a career, and much more. Packed cover to cover with a compendium of useful information for men of any age or background suddenly having the total responsibility for rearing a child thrust upon them, The Ultimate Survival Guide For The Single Father will prove an invaluable resource for successfully raising that child without burning out or otherwise losing your mind!

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Custody for Fathers:
A Practical Guide Through the Combat Zone of a Brutal Custody Battle

by Carleen Brennan, Michael Brennan

5 out of 5 starsBest Book Yet
Reviewer: A reader from EUREKA, CA

  I've probably bought every book available on Amazon.Com regarding father's rights (or lack thereof), and this is definitely the best I have come across so far.

  The information contained is general, but very practical and easy to understand. Unfortunately, there really aren't any books out there that focus squarely on the laws in specific states. From having dealt with my own attorney though, this book seems to come the closest to capturing the overall feel of how the legal system really works.

  About my only "complaint" concerning the book is the fact that the title may mislead some fathers into believing that they have a significant chance of gaining primary custody of their own children. In actual practice, this will only happen if a.) The mother agrees to it; or b.) The mother is incarcerated, a drug addict (and you can prove it), a prostitute, has a violent criminal history, or a history of serious mental illness.

  In my particular case, I am the father of a newborn. Even with the advice in this book (and several others), the best lawyer available, private investigators, help from family, a decent income to spend on legal and investigate fees, etc., I know that my chances of obtaining primary custody of my daughter are practically zilch. Sad, but true.

  Still, the info in this book will help prepare me for court, so that I can at least win some sort of significant visitation. I feel confident that the info in this book will help me increase my chances of at least being able to spend time with my child, despite the best efforts of the mother. It's definitely worth the small investment of time and money to be able to spend time with your child. You will definitely get your money's worth with this book.

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