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Reviews of the best books about pregnancy and fatherhood for new dads

These books make a good gift to give a new dad!

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Every Guy's Guide as to What to Expect When She's Expecting
by William Grant Eppler, Ruth Davis Barr (Editor)

Guy's never know what to expect
Reviewer: Paul Smith from Sacramento, Ca

   I read the new book by Grant Eppler the other day when I was sitting in some office lobby. It had me in stitches most of the time. Here is a book written by a guy for a change that spells out what to expect during a pregnacy. It was written for a guy to understand and appreciate. Being that guys usually just watch what happens to the women during pregnancy, this book spelled out all the things guys go through too written in a outside-the-bubble kind of style. You will learn what a 'sonnet' gram is all about and the disappointment of not getting tickets to the 'lemans'! You will absolutely roll during the actual lamaze classes and you will absolutely identify with everything the author went through. I recommend this book be given to any expectant father and should be given out by every ob gyn to the father to get them prepared for childbirth. It an easy read, and if you have gone through pregnancy you will appreciate more of what you put up with for 9 months.



The New Father Book:
What Every Man Needs to Know to Be a Good Dad
by Wade F. Horn

"Inspires Confidence! A book for every new dad!"
Reviewer: The Rebecca from Washington

  "If you know anyone who has just found out their wife is pregnant....this is the book they absolutely will need. So many mom's have showers and receive gifts for the baby. Why not include this book for the dad!

Many of the sections in this book are very thoughtful and encourage a dad to consider the child in his life and make this new life a high priority. This book is also filled with humor guys will really relate to.

Through the seven chapters, men will learn what it takes to be a dad, how to be a good prenatal dad, what to expect at the birth, what changes to expect in the first two weeks and then what to look for in the first year and toddler/preschool years. The "Many Faces of Fatherhood" is a modern look at fatherhood. Adoption, divorce, unwed fathers, stepfathers and widowed fathers are also given some great advice.

This book gives real world tips from fathers on how to be a positive influence in the life of their child. It guides men through pregnancy and childbirth and has practical advice on how men can help care for an infant. Truly, this is moral support to encourage men to become the best fathers they can be.

These books present parenting as an exciting journey. I can't imagine anyone not wanting to start reading this book as soon as they start to consider having children. If you just found out your wife is pregnant, or if you are the new mom who is buying this book for your husband, Congratulations! You are going to love this resource."

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The Expectant Father:
Facts, Tips and Advice for Dads-To-Be
by Armin A. Brott

Easy to read, entertaining, informative
Reviewer: susanjb from Austin, TX

"My husband and I have a pile of books on pregnancy. Most of the books written for women dwell on the many problems that can arise (both serious and mundane) during pregnancy. Dreary. Not a single one of the others contains word one about planning for college or any financial issue. In fact, one of my books advises me not to worry about finances because "that's the father's department." Pretty ridiculous since he will be staying at home and I (the mother) will be working full time.

  This book, unlike those, does address this issue very competently. It is, I think, one of the best pregnancy books we have (i.e. I can't stand the supremely pedantic "What to Expect When You're Expecting" and think "Your Pregnancy Week by Week," while not pedantic, has no information the other does not.)

   This book contains many useful facts for the father to be and is written in such a way as to be helpful to mother and father. My husband has absorbed more dos and don't during pregnancy from this one book than I have in reading 5 other books. It contains an excellent list of questions to ask your obstetrician. Things everyone needs to know but may never think to ask.

   Bottom line - we love this book and would recommend it to anyone expecting a baby. It is easy reading while being informative and doesn't overdo the medical lingo (or the whole medical issue)."

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My Boys Can Swim!:
The Official Guy's Guide to Pregnancy
by Ian Davis

5 out of 5 starsReviewer: A reader from Los Angeles, CA

   Pregnancy books generally cater to women -- but what about the father-to-be? Author Ian Davis remembers telling his wife one day during her pregnancy that he'd rather get root canal surgery than read one more excruciating page of what to Expect When You're Expecting. For him, like most men, the only interesting part of pregnancy is what happens before the egg is fertilized. With that in mind, he wrote My Boys Can Swim, a wry, witty, endlessly entertaining book that address the concerns of every dad-to-be. Inside are unique guy insights you'll never find in those other pregnancy books, such as: -- You'll lose count of the number of strangers that will see your wife naked. Okay, it's medical and all. Still, you'll swear there were guys coming in and out of the room just to catch a peek. -- Lamaze is just some fancy French word that doesn't mean much of anything. If the class was called "Coping with the Excruciating Pains of Childbirth, " who would go? -- If you're worried about your wife gaining too much weight during pregnancy, don't sweat it. Fat and happy is always better than thin and cranky. -- And many more!

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Husband-Coached Childbirth: The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth
by Robert A. Bradley, Ashley Montagu

 We used this childbirth method with our 6 children
Reviewer: homeschoolmum from California

  Dr. Bradley revolutionized American childbirth when he began, in the 1940's, insisting that husbands coach their wives during childbirth. This was when fathers were relegated to the waiting room, and childbirth was treated like a disease that the good doctors "cured".

   Bradley examined the situation for himself, and realized that it was preposterous for childbirth to be handled the way it was. And a good thing for us that he did this!

   In this book he explains his research, and his experiences as a doctor. He also gives the practical information that expectant fathers need, and he advocates such wonderful things as breastfeeding and "taking your wife out once a week for a date!"

  Some women today might find him to be a bit "patriarchal", but I think he's charming, and he's obviously got a lot of respect for women and the natural processes of the female body. He does tell the husbands to make sure they get their wives to do certain things, but I think it's great that he expects husbands to take so much responsibility! In those days, childbirth and pregnancy were not in the "man's domain" at all.

  He also advocates drug-free childbirth as being the safest route for mother and baby. He gives a method of childbirth that helps ease the pain, and I advise pregnant women to read this section carefully, and do the exercises! It really does help!

  I recommend this book to anyone who is expecting, or plans to be expecting, a baby. As an advocate of natural childbirth, I give this book 2 thumbs up!



How to Be a Perfect Father: The Ultimate Guide for New Dads
by Dr. Gerry Cornelius

What to Expect...this is not
Reviewer: A reader from Casper, WY.

   ...but a tongue-in-cheek, unpretentious and very funny guide to the perils of fatherhood, it is. Not really PRACTICAL, in fact not at all practical, but a good little gift for anyone who knows a first-time "expectant father" with a sense of humor. The part about the octopus, the baby, and the sweater really cracked me up. My brother-in-law gave it to me before the birth of our child and while I still don't like him much at least now I know we can laugh at the same things....



The Birth Partner,
Second Edition
by Penny Simkin

Customer Review:
Reviewer: Chris S. from Canada

  This book is meant for the Partner so that they can help through out child birth. The book covers a lot of topics and has just as many answers. I truly found it a must have.

A need finally met
Reviewer: Peggy Vincent from Oakland, CA

   All the years I was an OB nurse, a childbirth teacher, and a midwife (memoir: BABY CATCHER, Scribner 2002), I bemoaned the fact that there was no comprehensive book available to those men and women who would soon be with a pregnant woman when she gave birth. Doh! I coulduv hadda V-8! Why didn't I write this book myself???
   Anyway, thank goodness Penny Simpkin got around to it, and she's done a beautiful job. Her book is structured like a series of childbirth education classes with emphasis on the partner instead of on the laboring mom herself. She deals with the stages of labor, drugs, anesthesia, Cesareans, and emergencies in an easily-comprehended and logical format - discussing helping measures and their rationale at each step in the process. As someone from within the system, I highly recommend this book.

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The Father's Almanac: From Pregnancy to Pre-school, Baby Care to Behavior, the Complete and Indispensable Book of Practical Advice and Ideas for Every Man Discovering the Fun and Challenge of Fatherhood
by S. Adams Sullivan (Author)

Reviewer: Brian Keeling from San Diego, CA United States

  I raised my daughter by this book, and then gave it away to a young father who has raised his son on it. I am an Infant/Toddler teacher and am familiar with very very many many books for parents ... and as far as I am concerned this is only the best book of its kind on the market for fathers.



What To Expect When Your Wife Is Expanding
by Thomas Hill

Reviewer: mamatoalexis from Chicago

   We bought this book because he thought it would be fun to read. I don't think he actually got to read this book because I was always stealing it! It is hilarious there is no other way to describe it. There are cartoon pictures of what you can "expect" your wife to look like and there is a guide of what you need to buy each month.

 It puts a lighthearted spin on pregnancy that at times can be much needed. There does seem to be some filler hence the 4 stars. But if you are looking for a funny book this is the one. I can't say enough good things about this book, it's the perfect pregnancy companion. Also at times the woman in the book seems to have it harder than the avg. pregnant woman.

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by Bill Cosby

5 out of 5 starsHighly recommended for all dads or would-be-dads
Reviewer: Orion Pozo from Raleigh, NC USA

  Bill Cosby brings his talent for humor to this series of essays on the father's role in raising children. Starting with the initial desire to have children, and following the child-rearing process to the eventual hope of the "empty nest," Cosby takes us on a humorous trip through his experiences parenting his five children. Underlying the humor is his positive approach to parenting that will be a welcome support to both fathers and mothers. He models the flexibility and sense of humor needed for successful parenting, as well as the loving closeness with both spouse and children essential to a happy family.

  An Introduction and Afterword by a child psychiatrist points out the fatherhood essentials humorously treated by Cosby in the text.

  I read this with Motherhood by Erma Bombeck and I can highly recommend them both to stressed-out parents looking for a grasp on parental sanity in hard times.

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So You're Going to Be a Dad
by Peter Downey, Nik Scott

Buy this book for the soon-to-be-dad you know
Reviewer: bryanbritz from Tampa, FL United States

   My Dad bought me this book when we announced that my wife was pregnant. Now that we are within a couple weeks of the big day, I realize how true much of the advice in the book is even if it is written rather tongue-in-cheek. This is a great present for the 'dad to be' and one of the few baby books that I found worth the time invested in reading it. Thanks Peter for sharing your experience for the rest of us wide-eyed soon to be dads. By the way, I removed the carpet from my Jeep based on page 97 - just in case!



Baby Bargains: Secrets to Saving 20% to 50% on Baby Furniture, Equipment, Clothes, Toys, Maternity Wear and Much, Much More!
by Alan Fields, Denise Fields

If you're having a baby, you need this book
Reviewer: A reader from Santa Monica, CA USA

   This book was my bible when I was accumulating baby things both before and after my daughter was born. It helped me figure out which car seat, stroller and play yard to buy and helped me figure out what I needed versus what the store's registry list said I needed. So far, there's only been one item that we bought that was recommended by the book but we didn't like (a high chair). Beyond the money we saved, we saved tons of time because this book has it all. When we registered for our baby, we spent only two hours because I had marked the book as to what we needed.

Denise and Alan Fields do a great job whether you want to read the book cover to cover or just use bits and pieces as they come. I kept on referring to the book throughout my daughter's first year. Without it, we would have spent more, bought more and bought the wrong things.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone having a baby!



Baby 411: Clear Answers and Smart Advice for Your Baby's First Year
by Ari Brown, Denise Fields

Terrific book
Reviewer: R. Williams from Austin, TX

   Baby 411 is a terrific book. It is really helpful for all the small and big questions that parents have about their newborns and infants. The authors explain things in a common sense and practical way.

   I really like the way the book is designed. It is very easy to find quick answers to what I am looking for. But it also gives detailed information for when I am looking for more explanations of things. I would recommend this book to any new parent.

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