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Books and information for Pagan households

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Pagan Homeschooling
by Kristin Madden

Reviewer: SilverKat from Ohio

    With so many of us homeschooling, thinking about it, or just looking to add more spirituality to what our kids get in School, it is About Time for a book like this!

   This book is so full of information, it will take me months to just check out all the resources let alone try all the experiments, crafts, and games. Her suggestions on learning with the Elements and Festivals were fantastic.

   It has great information on learning to network and how to decide if home schooling is for your family. I really enjoyed reading about the author's experiences and those of the other homeschoolers she polled. She certainly did her homework on this one and I'm going to definitely get more of her books.


Wiccacraft for Families
by Margie McArthur

Reviewer: A reader from BUTLER, NEW JERSEY United States

  There are no words to describe how much I love this book, but I will try anyway!
The author put a lot of love into it; each ritual is perfect for families with children, or even beginning Pagans!
  The rituals are beautifully written and easy to adapt. The recipes are healthy and perfect for each Sabbat. The crafts are easy and fun. This book is the first book I reach for when planning a ritual or a Sabbat. I think that if a Pagan family had to have just one book, this would be the one! Ms. McArthur has written a beautiful book on how to raise children in the Pagan way with love and fun. Don't be scared away by the ugly front cover! This book contains so much wisdom, love, and great advice. A true treasure! I hope the author continues to put out more great books!


coverCircle Round: Raising Children in Goddess Traditions
by Starhawk, Diane Baker, Anne Hill

One of the best Pagan books for families...
Reviewer: Katrina Kampmiller

   I thought this book contained a good variety of craft ideas for kids, and my two year old loves hearing the stories. It has a lot of stories that teach about spirituality in a way that children can understand and grasp the concepts. Yes, it is true that Starhawk has never given birth to children, but she did help raise other children who she thinks of as her own, and she also has stepchildren. This book is not about advise on parenting anyway, it is more of a work/storybook.
  I highly recommend this book to parents. It gave me plenty of ideas for things to do with my son on our holidays.


Raising Witches: Teaching the Wiccan Faith to Children
by Ashleen O'Gaea


This book was informative, yet light and easy to read. It is a great basic parenting book, even without the Pagan references. I will look to this book over and over again, I am sure, as I raise my two girls in the ways of Wicca. Thank you Ashleen, and Blessed be.



Celebrating the Great Mother: A Handbook of Earth-Honoring Activities for Parents and Children
by Cait Johnson, Maura D. Shaw

A Joyous handbook for celebrating the earth and seasons!
Reviewer: Lorrie Zelakowski

   This is a wonderful book for any earth loving parent who would like ideas for celebrating the seasons and respecting the earth with their family. It includes many crafts and activities to do with children of all ages, and would even make a great read if you are not a parent.


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