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Books for grandparents

Reviews of books for grandparents



97 Ways to Make A Baby Laugh
by Jack Moore, Penny Gentieu (Photographer)

A great baby shower gift!
Reviewer: A reader from Port Orange, FL USA

   Clever and funny, this tongue-in-cheek book is for "grown-ups" who love babies and aren't afraid to act like one. A perfect gift for new parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings of babies. And did I mention "witty"? My favorite is #66, which I would have named "The Sisyphus." These "97 ways" actually work--or I know alot of silly babies. Don't forget to leave a copy around for the babysitter.

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Funny, You Don't Look Like a Grandmother
by Lois Wyse, Lilla Rogers (Illustrator)

Cute illustrations
Reviewer: The Rebecca from Washington State

  Today's grandmother is hardly old enough to be a grandmother. We envision grandmothers as those who bake apple pie, spend the day ironing, and are at least 55. These days it is hardly unusual to be a grandmother before you are forty.

  The contemporary grandmother may in fact drive a red convertible, be so young she doesn't want to hear the word grandmother and may feel as though she perhaps isn't ready to be a grandmother.

  Lois Wyse offers humorous stories to explain the happy days of being a grandmother in this day and age. This is the perfect gift for a contemporary grandmother as it is filled with a heartwarming collection of wit and wisdom the whole family will enjoy reading.

  Reflections on "What we name our grandmother,"."The secret no grandmother ever tells," "On the road with grams," and many more stories illustrate the joy of being a modern grandmother.

Microwave Apple Pie anyone?

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101 Ways to Spoil Your Grandchild
by Vicki Lansky, Kaye Pomaranc White, Rondi Collette

A California Grandmother's Reaction
Reviewer: Susan Resnik from California

  This book is really cool! (to use California Grandmother Speak.) As a grandmother who lives where the surf meets the turf, I thoroughly enjoyed reading ideas that I can easily use to enhance my joie de vivre approach to grandparenting. This book offers imaginative suggestions and a full bag of tricks-it's fabulous!

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Becoming a Grandmother: A Life Transition
by Sheila Kitzinger

The transition rather than "how to"
Reviewer: A reader from Sydney, Australia

  I gave this book to my mother when I found out I was pregnant. I admit to reading most of it before handing it on. I now wish I'd bought two copies -- one for my mother-in-law. It is a great account of all the doubts and feelings that may occur when a mother finds out her offspring is going to become a parent. The author mainly deals with a mother-daughter relationship, rather than a mother-son relationship. The author is British, and I related well to the content. It was reassuring to know that my mother was probably experiencing doubts and having to address issues to do with her growing older. I enjoyed the idea that a new bond is created between mother and daughter because they share childbirth in common. My mum felt that it was a lot less threatening to receive this as a gift, than to be given a How to Grandparent book which is really a slap in the face to say 'You don't know what to do!'. A good narrative which should be taken in the light in which it was written -- not a how-to book, but a food-for-thought book which might reassure that its okay to have doubts about impending grandparent-hood.

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Grandloving: Making Memories With Your Grandchildren, Third Edition
by Sue Johnson

More than two hundred fun and easy activities
Reviewer: Midwest Book Review from Oregon, WI USA

  Now in a revised and expanded second edition, Grandloving: Making Memories With Your Grandchildren is more effective than ever as a compendium of tips, ideas and suggestions for grandparents to bond with their grandchildren. More than two hundred fun and easy activities drawn from 350 families are presented along with sound advice, helpful suggestions, and inexpensive do-together projects. Whether it something special for family holidays and celebrations, or just a rainy-day or weekend visit pastime, Grandloving will have everything you need to plan and implement a truly memory making event. Enthusiastically recommended for grandparents of any age or circumstance, Grandloving's engaging, "reader friendly" text is enhanced with reminders about child development, an extensive list of resources, helpful logos, and an easy-to-use index.

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The Long Distance Grandmother 4 Ed: How to Stay Close to Distant Grandchildren
by Selma Wassermann

Grandma Hall of Fame nominee!
Reviewer: A reader from Los Angeles, CA

   I found this book at the library when I most needed it, and could hardly believe my luck - I'm buying a copy from Amazon to send to my parents, who feel they have little connection to our daughter despite our visits to Europe, exchanging of photos, etc. They are "deeply hurt" that she shows little interest in coming to the telephone when they call and give me a guilt trip about it, which I refuse to pass on to her. Guilt trips do not make for good heirlooms! I am open to suggestions however, and in this book Mrs. Wassermann offers the kind of priceless wisdom that I thought only exist in stories, and her ideas are wonderful and very easy for all parties to use. They can also be applied to a long distance relationship with a niece/nephew - I have a niece in Europe and was happy to read that I have been doing exactly what Mrs. Wassermann suggests. Respect & No guilt are the two key phrases here. Grandparents need to respect their children and grandchildren, and in return they will most likely have a wonderful long distance relationship with everyone. If there were more people like Mrs. Wassermann, surely there would be far greater numbers of happy families. The edition I checked out at the library is from 1988, and apparently the 1st edition - I am happy to see that there is now a 4th edition: Mrs. Wassermann struck a nerve back then, and her book is truly timeless.
Note: My parents both speak decent English, albeit with an accent, but there is not the language barrier that other overseas grandparents might have with their grandchildren.

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