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Memories, Lessons, Advice:
A Guide on Parenting Issues

how to keep your child safe by Ron Snyder

  The golden rules of child rearing are explored in this poignant, touching, and honest true-to-life story. Upon the birth of the first of his four sons, the author reexamines his life, and through the retelling, illustrates the true path, although not the easiest one to take, which assures a parent's victory as "my little fellow's dad."

  On a chapter-to-chapter basis we see the author deal with subjects such as: protecting the children, the necessity of babysitters, the need to deal head on with lying, discipline, and so forth. With each issue we are given an intimate understanding of why Snyder feels strongly about these issues and of how they've played a part in his and his children's lives.

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My Heart's First Steps: Writings That Celebrate the Gifts of Parenthood
by Jennifer Graf Groneberg

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Reviewer: Sarah Beck Smith from Polson, MT USA

    This is such a sweet, emotional, reflective book, especially for first-time parents and parents with young children. Even the format (short essays and poetry), lends itself to chaotic schedules; you can read a page or two, put the book down and then pick it up right where you left off. Over the 2 or 3 days it took for me to complete this book, I found myself much more pensive than usual, reflecting on the essays, and delighting in the fact that a moment would soon come when I could pick up the book again. The work comes straight from the heart of the authors, and Groneberg's Introduction, along with her superb job of intertwining the pieces, are a testament to her beautiful writing and editing skills. As you read through the book, you could very well be re-living your own child's birth, first bath, or sleepless nights. It may sound trite, but there truly is something for everyone here. I especially loved "El Producto," "How my Children Came to Me," and "The Digging Hole," but every piece will in some way connect to that huge, proud, protective, vulnerable, loyal, fiercely loving Parent in all of us and reconfirm that indeed it is the best thing going. I know I will reach for the book time and again as my kids and I travel this grand journey.

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Parenting With Love and Logic: Teaching Children Responsibility
by Foster W. Cline, Jim Fay

Reviewer: huntbarnhardt from Michigan

   I was introduced to "Love & Logic" at a professional development seminar for teachers. I started using the principles in my classroom and eliminated so many of the struggles. I decided to buy the parenting book (this book) for my sister when she gave birth to my nephew. I ended up reading the whole thing, too, and have implemented many suggestions when I babysit for her. My nephew, who is only 2-1/2, is now a master at making choices and understanding that he doesn't get to make all the choices. He recently wanted to buy lemonade and chocolate milk at the store. I told him he had to muss, no fuss, he chose and put the lemonade back in the cooler. He has been making choices for himself since before he could walk, and I fully believe that the empowerment this book, this system, brings to kids helps them make the really big, important choices later in life. I've used the principles in the classroom and with all my nieces and nephews. They feel like they have control and options while understanding that there are consequences for bad decisions. My husband and I are the favorite aunt and uncle...and we have fewer problems when watching the kids than anyone else. They're happy, we're happy. What more could you want? Do yourself and your child's future teachers a favor and BUY THIS BOOK! I've got my copy ready for my daughter on the way.

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