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Books about training your dog for new baby

 Books for dog owners about preparing your pet for the baby



Childproofing Your Dog:
A Complete Guide to Preparing Your Dog for the Children in Your Life
by Brian Kilcommons, Sarah Wilson

Childproofing your dog
Reviewer: agclarkson from New Zealand

   'Good Owners Great Dogs' was one of the best dog training books I have read. When I saw 'Childproofing your Dog' I knew it would be just as good. It is a simple, easy to understand book. Basic common sense as far as children & dogs are concerned. I haven't found any other books available that cover this topic. We are expecting our first child in October and from what the authors have written we seem to be on the right track so far with our dog. A must-read, not only for people with dogs who haven't had children yet, but for people who don't own dogs.

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Your Dog and Your Baby: A Practical Guide
by Silvia Hartmann-Kent

Great advice- real world and positive!
Reviewer: A reader from Austin, Texas

    This book had the best advice. She really understands the importance of positive interactions between parents, babies and dogs. She gives specific answers to specific problems that are doable. I highly recommend this book. It's an easy read, and packed with useful information. She takes the positive approach to working with your dog and your kids too. It has helped me and our 7 y.o. "baby" poodle, who was the big baby before my son came along. This book was essential in helping to make a smoother transition. I couldn't find even close to the amount of information in this book in other sources. The vet gave us a one-page flyer, and Dr. Sears recommends finding another home for your dog! I use it as a reference, and highly recommend it to every parent with a dog, whether you have a "problem" dog or not, it helps you to know what to do to teach your dog how to handle the big changes and not make mistakes even with the best of intentions (like giving your dog extra attention when the baby isn't around- gives the dog the message that when the baby isn't there, she gets attention, so the baby is a bad thing).

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There's A Baby in the House:
Preparing your Dog for the Arrival of your Child
by Michael Wombacher

A Great Addition to a little discussed topic
Reviewer: A reader from Dallas, TX

 I bought this book after reading about it in various places and seeing the author on a local television program and it has transformed my life with my dog. Initially I purchased the book to help me prepare my dog for the arrival of my baby, and it helped me with this enormously. What I didn't expect was how much this book would help me transform my overall relationship with my dog in the most positive way.

The bond I have with him now is closer than ever and the bond he is developing with my new baby is beautiful to see.

The book is well written and is loaded with photos, illustrations and sidebars. It is heavily cross referenced and easy to use. And while the author uses a sense of humor to drive home his points, he does not distract the reader with excess verbiage, being straight and to the point in everything he says.

All in all, a great book for building a solid relationship with your dog, whether there's a baby on the way or not. I wish I could give it six stars!

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