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Books for fathers

Books for Dads (Raising daughters and sons)

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Dads and Daughters: How to Inspire, Understand, and Support Your Daughter When She's Growing Up So Fast
by Joe Kelly

News dads can use
Reviewer: A reader from Dobbs Ferry, NY United States

   Joe Kelly has been in the trenches for 20 years as the father of twin girls and he brings great news: dads can experience unconditional love while raising strong, healthy daughters. His book is jammed with moving insights and concrete tools for being the best dad possible. I wish my father had read this book when I was young, but my husband will definitely have a copy on his nightstand from now on. And I'm betting he'll enjoy reading Kelly's clear, lively prose.

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Bringing Up Boys: Practical Advice and Encouragement for Those Shaping the Next Generation of Men

 Right On, Dr. Dobson!
Reviewer: Tony Crosby (Evans, GA USA)

   Dr. Dobson has addressed this topic with a refreshing candor that is immensely gratifying. As the father of a two-year-old boy, I found this book to be right on target. I am a conservative Christian and subscribe to many of the views of Dr. Dobson. I can see how this book will be a bit polarizing because of how forcefully he presents his case, but facts are facts. It is time that people of all political and religious persuasions began to look more at facts than ideologies. This book presents some strong arguments for traditional family values that are consistently supported by sound scientific study. This book is a must-read for all parents of boys!

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Raising a Modern Day Knight
by Robert Lewis, Stu Weber

A Must for Every Dad With A Son
Reviewer: Ed Vasicek from Kokomo, IN USA

   Robert Lewis has written a top-notch, easy to understand, easy to implement book to help Christian dads rear godly, masculine sons.

   He defines a man as "....someone who rejects passivity, accepts responsibility, leads courageously, and expects the greater reward." His definition of ideal manhood is excellent, especially his emphasis upon "rejecting passivity."

   Although he does not always lay out an exact plan for readers to follow without variation, he shares his own experiences and ideas as a suggested approach.

   The book is divided into five parts: The need for a modern-day knighthood, The Knight and his ideals, The Knight and his ceremonies, the Knight and his round table (community of men), and the Knight and his legacy. Part two, "The Knight and His Ideals" is alone worth the purchase price of the book. His suggestions for ceremonies that celebrate a boy's advancement into manhood are creative.

   This book helped me come up with some related ideas. As a result of reading this book, I implemented a "Knights of Light" training seminar for our junior high boys (I am a pastor); I compiled info on courtesy, respecting women, etc., and we had a knighting ceremony for the guys that completed this training. Lewis has written a book that addresses a real gap in our culture; he understands masculinity, particularly Christian masculinity. Go for it, dad!

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She Calls Me Daddy
by Robert Wolgemuth, Gary Smalley

Gave me a clue
Reviewer: A reader

   I am the proud father of the first girl born into my family in over two hundred years. With 13 males alive in my immediate family I had ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE on how to raise a daughter. What do I do with someone I can't wrestle with, or take to football games, or teach how to use power tools? This book was wonderful to me because it gave me the insight and confidence to become a great "Daddy" to my little girl. It highlights the differences and similarities between sons and daughters and gave me the knowledge to raise a wonderful and trusting girl. Thank You Robert! For giving all us first time Fathers of little girls not only a clue, but a workable plan as well.

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Throwaway Dads: The Myths and Barriers That Keep Men from Being the Fathers They Want to Be
by Ross Parke , Armin Brott

Parke and Brott have captured the essence of Fatherlessness.,
Reviewer: Gerald L. R., Ph.D. from Johnston, IA USA

  For the millions of fathers who have experienced the intimacy of involved fatherhood, and its subsequent loss through divorce, this book will give them the validation they can find in few other places. Throwaway Dads stridently touches a nerve that neither Blankenhorn (Fatherless America) nor Popenoe (Life Without Father) have fully explored. Expanding on Sanford Braver (Divorced Dads), Throwaway Dads takes us another step closer to understanding the degree to which the contemporary myth of the unfeeling, macho, uninvolved, "deadbeat", if not "dangerous" dad belies the frequent, tragic-reality of the post-divorce, disenfranchised, "visiting father."

  And, notably, it courageously exposes the social engineering which decimated the families caught up in the wake of the "Great Society" - and the genesis of Braver's "driven-away" dads. In this case, you can tell a book by its cover.

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Why a Daughter Needs a Dad: A Hundred Reasons
by Gregory E. Lang, Janet Lankford-Moran

Don't Let This One Slip Through Your Hands!
Reviewer: Bill Reese

  A fabulous book for fathers everywhere! This book really gives insight and direction for those that need a little push. The easy to read format allows anyone to pick up the book and get something out of it quickly. The photographs and words cause you to reflect on special moments of the past and shine a light on your future as a father.

   On every page the reader is reminded of just what the book is about. "A Daughter Needs A Dad" is the opening statement and is followed by nuggets of golden wisdom for every daddy. The photographs help you to recall when your girl was just a young child. They also show you times when your little girl has grown up and desires those special moments shared with dad.

This book is definitely for fathers everywhere. It is for those that have little girls or for those whose daughters have grown into women. I urge you not to let this one slip out of your hands. The information contained within the pages is so powerful, you will read it time and time again, to see if you missed any of the nuggets of wisdom.

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