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Books by Dr. Phil McGraw

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Dr. Phil - Getting Real: Lessons in Life, Marriage, and Family

by Phil McGraw

America's #1 Therapist in your living room
Reviewer: Betti Trapp from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

   Truly, though all of what Dr. Phil has to say is common sense (with a little stand up comedy thrown in) in this four cassette edition about your life, and although most of what he says you knew somewhere in your heart, you will learn the most incredible things. I thought our relationship (my husband and mine) was good, I can see I was right, but there were so many ways to make it THE relationship that I never even thought about. I truly think this man could run for President. One thing he mentions is passion, having a passion for the things in life that matter most to you (among having other things) and you can just hear the passion in HIS voice, knowing he believes what he is saying, and not just believes it, but wants YOU to know it. Because it's simple. Because you already know it and have to face it sooner or later. Because it will make your life so much easier. Don't struggle emotionally one more minute, just listen to these cassettes together with a partner, alone on your headset, while resting in the bath, and you will absolutely be amazed by the transformation that sets inside of you almost instantly - all good of course. You will also learn some harsh realities, along with a few things you didn't know about Dr. Phil that will surprise you. Best of all, no griping, no grumbling, just listen, and the fee....well, judge for yourself what you would pay a therapist for all this great advice and all of this time. Dr. Phil bills by the heart. Thanks again and again Dr. Phil.

This text refers to the Audio Cassette edition



Relationship Rescue: A Seven- Step Strategy for Reconnectng With Your Partner
by Ph.D. Phillip C. McGraw

Yes! This makes sense!
Reviewer: A reader from Los Angeles, CA

   I was having a world of problems in my marriage and I did not know where to look. After being inspired by some of the things Dr. Phil says on TV, I decided to read this book. Boy am I glad I did! Dr. Phil has this ability to take it right to you and this is what I needed at the time. His words punched right through my walls of denial and forced me to make a real objective re-evaluation of myself and my relationship. It did wonders for me. After having this rejuvenating experience, I decided to explore and learn more about relationships and personal development. I have now found a more advanced book on relationships and personal development that is absolutely excellent! It is called "The Ever-Transcending Spirit" by Toru Sato. It is more theoretical but an excellent read if you are one of those people who "gets it!" It has taken me one step closer to inner peace and happiness.



The Life Strategies Workbook: Exercises and Self-Tests to Help You Change Your Life
by Phillip C. McGraw

Life changing
Reviewer: mswings from Phoenix, Az United States

   Not a typical "self-help" book, but a life prep course unfortunately not offered in schools. Read it, do it and learn to live it. Expand your control of your own life - but you have to do the work - it isn't a quick fix book - it is a book that will actually do what it says if you follow through.

Good luck and best to all who follow this path!

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