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Books about talking with children about Puberty...
Explaining "the change"

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Period.: A Girl's Guide to Menstruation With a Parents Guide
by JoAnn Loulan, Bonnie Worthen, Chris Wold Dyrud (Illustrator), Marcia Quackenbush (Illustrator)

College Student Review
Reviewer: Melissa L. from USA

  I read this book in a child development course. I think it is an excellent book to give a child who has no mother or female role model to explain womanly changes. This book thoroughly describes a woman's period and all the details that men cannot describe if they tried. Such as, how to put in a tampon properly, natural cramp remedies, and symptoms of PMS. Of course this book is an excellent source for all teens with or without mother-figures, however, if you are a single father or in a gay marriage with a child - this is the book to give your daughter.

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The Teenage Guy's Survival Guide : The Real Deal on Girls, Growing Up and Other Guy Stuff
by Jeremy Daldry

This book is spectacular!
Reviewer: Amie Jackson

   My son has been experiencing a lot of anxiety with regard to the whole puberty / growing up thing. I reserved this book at the library (for myself) but the librarian thought it was for my son and gave it to him. He stuck his nose in the book and read the whole way home, laughing out loud (and he is not much for reading). I am now ordering him his own copy.
The book is wonderfully reassuring about all of the many changes a boy's mind, body and emotions are experiencing as they make the journey from being a boy to a young man. It helps him to know that while the things that are happening to him seem strange, they are perfectly normal.

I especially recommend this book to single moms! It has answered many of my own questions too and my son and I are both feeling relieved. Thanks to the author for your help and humor! This is a cool book!

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What's Happening to My Body? Book for Boys: A Growing Up Guide for Parents and Sons
by Lynda Madaras, Area Madaras, Simon Sullivan (Illustrator), Jackie Aher (Illustrator), Martin Anderson

Reviewer: A reader from Texas

        My parents bought this book for me when I was becoming a teenager, and it helped a lot. Reading the book was a lot more comfortable than talking with my parents would have been.
   The personal anecdotes scattered throughout help to make the reader feel "normal". I'd recommend this to any parent, or just a kid who's curious.

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The Period Book:
Everything You Don't Want to Ask
(But Need to Know)
by Karen Gravelle, Jennifer Gravelle, Debbie Palen (Illustrator)

Average review:

An easy way for girls to find out what they want to know...
Reviewer: Laura H.

   I bought this book for my daughter after she and I had our first "talk" about periods and sex. It's a light-hearted book, written by a woman and her teenaged niece, and it is fairly specific in that it pretty much only addresses issues about getting one's period (not boys, nor sex, much).

 The book outlines the changes which young girls go through as they mature, and discusses the various things which happen, both mentally and physically, as they approach their first period. It covers the options young women have to deal with their period, what to do if there are problems, how to talk to your parents about it (and listen to them try to talk to you!), and has a list of "What If..." questions which covers most issues.

 The book is illustrated with line drawings (almost cartoons) which deal with issues in a sensitive but easy manner. There's even a spot in the back for notes or letters to one's parents. I'd rate the age range for this book from about 10 and up. All in all it's a good value for its price, and answers many of the questions a young girl has about this touchy subject.

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What's Going on Down There:
Answers to Questions Boys Find Hard to Ask
by Karen Gravelle, Nick Castro (Contributor)

Average Review:

An excellent book for pre-teen and early-teen boys
Reviewer: Bill Peckenpaugh from Silverton, OR USA

  There are many books for pre-teen and early-teen girls about the changes they will encounter during puberty, but there have been slim pickings for the boys. I'm aware of the other offerings in the category, but none of them handles the sensitive and anxiety-producing questions like this book does.

  The text should pose no problems for moderate to good readers, and the author interjects a little humor now and then to keep the sometimes-scary topics a little lighter. The author does a good job remaining morally neutral on such issues as birth control, masturbation, and pre-marital sex, leaving it to the parent(s) to instill these values -- as I believe it should be. I recommend that all parents pre-screen books for their kids, and then discuss them once they're reading. Don't assume this book (or any other) can take your place.

  I am particularly impressed with the sections on every boy's favorite toy and favorite pastime: penises and masturbation (what sexuality book for preteen boys could *not* address these biggies?). The author lays out the facts, includes a few illustrations to break the ice, and reassures the reader that seemingly-constant, unpredictable erections are not that big a deal, and that penis size really *doesn't* matter. [Not that many boys will believe that right away, but the author does present the material and make a convincing case.]

Overall, this is a book I would highly recommend (I'm saving a copy until my son will need it).

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Growing Up It's a Girl Thing: Straight Talk About First Bras, First Periods, and Your Changing Body (It's a Girl Thing)
by Mavis Jukes, Debbie Tilley (Illustrator)

Average Review:

Perfect first "growing up" book for the preteen girl
Reviewer: A reader from Philadelphia, PA USA

  I have been searching for a book for my daughter (she turned 10 today!) that will help me to explain some of what will be happening to her body over the next few years. So many of the books contain too much information about sex, birth control, etc., that I feel is more appropriate for an older girl (say, 13 and up). This book, though, is just perfect for her age. It touches on all the things I think are important (breast development, first period, pubic hair and so forth). The information, language and tone of this book are just right for a girl who is still a little girl but who will not be for much longer. I am totally comfortable with reading this book to my daughter and then discussing it with her over time. I am sure she will want to take it to read on her own later, too. A wonderful book that I cannot recommend strongly enough for 9-13 year old girls. 

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From Boys to Men: All About Adolescence and You (Plugged in)
by Michael Gurian, Brian Floca

Excellent book, opens the lines of communication to talk,
Reviewer: A reader from Southern New England

   I have been searching for a book that gives a clear concise explanation of puberty for my son. This book really is a great conversation starter. It gives just enough information for the preteen and encourages them to ask questions. It is a great place to start exploring the world of puberty.



Don't Sweat It!: Everybody's Answers to Questions You Don't Want to Ask
by Marguerite Crump, Elizabeth Verdick (Editor)

Great book!
Reviewer: A reader from Coffeyville, KS United States

  This book is wonderful for parents and teachers. Keep it on the shelf and allow the child to read it and discover things on their own. Very kid-friendly!

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Changing Bodies, Changing Lives: Expanded Third Edition : A Book for Teens on Sex and Relationships
by Ruth Bell

Every teen and parent should own one
Reviewer: "benny_boy"

   This is the best book on being a teenager that I have ever read! And this should mean a lot to you coming from a teen (I'm a 15 year old male). It's different from other books in that it encourages teens to make their own decisions in life. It doesn't come out and say, "No! Sex is bad! You will rot in hell if you have sex before you are married!" Instead, it gives equal reasons of why to have sex and why not to and then describes all the means of birth control. But it doesn't just deal with sex, it also touches on emotions that you might have through adolecence, masturbation, what you can do if you do become pregnent, and even drugs.

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