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Book reviews about International adoption

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Adopting In Russia:
Your Rights and the Law
by Irina M O'Rear

This may very well be the best investment you make!!
Reviewer: Rowena M. from Belton, TX

   This book is an absolute MUST READ for anyone contemplating adoption either by agency or independent. Ms. O'Rear is a licensed attorney who practices in all regions of Russia and her experience is priceless. The book is very thorough, concise and 'reader friendly'. She explains the whole process from beginning to end by giving the reader the 'big picture' view of Russian adoptions. This includes Russian culture, explanation of the different types of orphanage facilities, agency adoption vs independent adoption, the complete dossier list with explanations and instructions for notarization and references for obtaining apostilles. She details the referral process, court process and how to prepare oneself for the court proceedings, and even has a section devoted to Russian Law. She includes a FAQ section which is extremely insightful and websites that are helpful in providing additional information and so much more! I was so impressed with the book that I contacted her to thank her and have since retained her for my own adoption. It is truly amazing that you can have this quality of service and representation at a fraction of agency adoption costs!!!! She is with you from beginning to end and you are never left on your own without guidance! As a former judge in Russia and one who continues to practice law in Russia, her first hand experience and knowledge of the system is well worth the investment in this book! I am absolutely thrilled to have her as our representative who looks out for OUR best interest. I highly recommend her book (and her services) to anyone considering foreign adoption.



International Adoption:
Sensitive Advice for Prospective Parents
by Jean Knoll, Mary-Kate Murphy (Contributor)

An experience I could relate to and learn from!
Reviewer: A reader from Yokohama, Japan

   As someone eagerly awaiting the arrival of her first adopted child, I found this a very valuable book, not because it was packed full of practical hints and useful suggestions, but because it described the kinds of problems, issues and feelings that any adoptive parent has. I think the fact that one of the authors was a single mother like myself made it even more relevant for me. If you are feeling bogged down the facts, forms and processes involved in adopting, this is the book to pick up and address some of those pent up emotions. It is also the encouragement you may need, from someone who knows what it's really like, that YOU CAN DO IT despite seemingly long odds!



How to Adopt Internationally:
A Guide for Agency-Directed and Independent Adoptions, Second Revised and Updated Edition

by Jean Nelson-Erichsen, Jean Nelson Erichsen, Heino R. Erichsen

The "Bible" for International Adoptions
Reviewer: Jo-Anne W. from Boynton Beach, FL (USA)

   This book was my "bible" as I prepared to adopt internationally. It guided me through the very detailed, step-by-step process. From finding an agency, initial paperwork, finances, social worker visits, the actual trip and first amazing meeting with your child, to issues once back - such as potential health problems, cultural issues, readopting and adjusting to life as a new family. Sample forms and documents were extremely valuable. I found this more current than other sources available. Also addressed adopting as a single-parent, which was encouraging! I had the opportunity to hear the authors speak in person, and was impressed not only with their first hand experience in adopting and raising their own children, but with their keen knowledge of international politics, and their passion and commitment to guiding others to build their family through foreign adoption. They have a wealth of experience running their own adoption agency, and clearly remain on the cutting edge when it comes to the most current information regarding international adoption. (I now have a beautiful, happy, healthy daughter whom I adopted from China.) This book is a must read for anyone considering the complicated (but ultimately wonderful) experience of adopting a child from a foreign country!



Intercountry Adoption from China:
Examining Cultural Heritage and Other Postadoption Issues
by Jay W. Rojewski (Author), Jacy L. Rojewski (Author)

A well-researched review of adoption issues.
Reviewer: Mike Windsor from Fort Worth, Texas

  The Amazon book description gives a good overview of the topics covered, but it fails to convey the careful manner in which information is delivered in the book. The authors rely not only on their own research (the methodology and limits of which they describe), but also rely on other published studies. The authors note that the studies on adoption of Chinese children were done recently, and are few in number. The authors, however, refer to studies involving other adopted children (particularly Korean children) in an effort to predict some answers regarding older children. While the book relies heavily on research publications, it also uses adoptive parent comments to help illustrate points.

As important for me as the authors' conclusions, were the explanations of why those conclusions might not be correct. The authors readily note where the research is inconclusive, a sample is too small, where there are conflicting theories, or where a study might not be applicable to the adoption of Chinese children today. I also appreciate the authors citing their sources (typically right in the text). Thus, if you want to know more about an issue, you know exactly which study the authors relied upon. All of the cited publications, as well as a number of resources for adopting parents, are cited in the appendix.

Too much information on this subject is either missing, or is given in a chatty style that is not comprehensive. As a parent just starting the adoption process, I wish I had read this book a year ago.

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